About Sagheer & Co

Sagheer And Company are commercial importers and exporters in various products.

Sagheer & Co manufactures a wide selection of control panels and heaters. You can choose from control panels, tubular heating elements (will meet your specific shape and structure) bolt heaters, immersion heaters, duct heaters, and circulation heaters for power plants, textile, cement plant spicily heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil, purifiers, buffer tanks, day tanks, storage tanks, clean tanks etc.

One of the things that set us apart from other companies is our “custom application engineering expertise”. Whether a customer needs to find obsolete parts, replace existing parts or design an entirely new solution, our application engineers know what our customers need.

We will stand by you to help your work through any surface or object heating issues you may encounter. There is no limitation on what our engineers can do for you and your application.

The heaters from our plant demonstrate precision and endurance in performance; on the other hand, we keep on improving effectiveness in working maneuver to bring you superior heaters that meet your demands.

Sagheer & Co is also working as commercial importers in various products which are not manufactured in Pakistan especially sanitary related items to fulfill the needs of the local market. We are importing pressure fitting, Imported sanitary ware, PPRC, Pressure Tank and Water Pumps, from China, U.A.E, Turkey, and Italy and have a good stock of the following items.

Sagheer & Co has also built its reputation in the world market as commercial exporters and reliable and quality goods sourcing agents. We are dealing in sanitary ware, Horse accessories and can provide these items strictly according to the specifications on highly competitive prices.